An initiator typically serves the same purpose to a computer as a SCSI bus adapter would,  26 Nov 2020 In this article, I am going to explain how we can configure iSCSI initiator and iSCSI target server on ubuntu 18. 3 # NOTE: Only works if exactly one target is exported to [Targets: 0] # enable CHAP and Reverse CHAP (mutual) for both discovery and login authentication # discovery authentication is enabled under the global iscsi node /> cd / iscsi / iscsi > set discovery_auth enable = 1 / iscsi > set discovery_auth userid = IncomingUser / iscsi > set discovery_auth password = SomePassword1 / iscsi > set discovery To simplify configuring multiple connections and Multipath Input/Output (MPIO), the NimbleOS requires that only one IP address (the iSCSI discovery IP address) be advertised at the time of discovery, not the full set of iSCSI network interfaces. targetiIP is the IP   2018년 4월 12일 vi /etc/iscsi/iscsid. iSCSI Discovery Configuration The default iSCSI configuration file is /etc/iscsi/iscsid. This file contains iSCSI settings used by iscsid and iscsiadm . exe is a iSCSI Discovery tool. This is especially true if jumbo frames and multiple link speeds (1GbE / 10GbE) are in use. conf file accordingly. On the iSCSI Initiator click the "Targets" tab and type the IP address or IQN for the Target iSCSI vol. ESXi hosts support the two methods of iSCSI target-discovery: There are two mechanisms currently being used in the IP world for iSCSI device discovery. open_iscsi: show_nodes: yes discover: yes portal: sun. CHAP cannot be used during the discovery of the iSCSI target. 9 May 2011 For Microsoft Windows, there is a built-in iSCSI initiator software that is very simple to configure to work with iSCSI targets. So, to perform an iSCSI discovery, run Jun 21, 2019 · High level process with iSCSI. The instructions for setting up a target vary The iscsiadm utility is a command-line tool allowing discovery and login to iSCSI targets, as well as access and management of the open-iscsi database. The following are reasons why routed iSCSI is not recommended: Introduces complexity in configuration. iscsiadm -m discoverydb -t sendtargets -p <IP>:<port> -o delete Finally, it is necessary to check the file system to ensure Linux does not try to re-establish the connection on future boot operations. 1991-05. iSCSI initiator  31 Oct 2018 What are two valid iSCSI discovery methods? (Choose two. Setup iSCSI at the initiator; Setup Host at the FlashArray level; Discover the iSCSI targets; Login to the iSCSI targets; Create volumes, attach to the hosts, scan them and create the filesystems; 1. There are separate digests for the header and data payload. 5 # /etc/init. On the iSCSI Initiator Properties page, click on Discovery, enter the IP address of. The protocol was ratified in 2003. At Admin page, go Disk Managment -> ISCSI and check if “Enable ISCSI Target Service” option is Enable under Portal managment. 0. 균형 잡힌 시각은 시간과 돈을 절약 해줍니다. Default port is 3260. May 09, 2011 · Microsoft iSCSI Initiatior Discovery. LUN Masking E  7 Oct 2019 An iSCSI initiator is the software that allows a workstation to connect to an iSCSI target, or storage. jpg; Type in the IP address for the TeraStation. Input Data from Reads. startup = manual discovery. RFC 4018 - Finding Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (iSCSI) Targets and Name Servers by Using Service Location Protocol version 2 (SLPv2) RFC 4173 - Bootstrapping Clients using the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) Protocol; RFC 4544 - Definitions of Managed Objects for Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) iSCSI discovery via SendTargets failed with error code 0x00002af9 to target portal *iqn. initiator# iscsiadm modify discovery -- sendtargets enable. 13. Sep 05, 2016 · ESXi iSCSI stack is known for throwing long timeouts while waiting for target to reconnect. Enter the following command to discover the iSCSI target:iscsiadm --mode discovery --op update --type sendtargets --portal targetIP targetiIP is the IP address of the target. In addition to Jeff's answer I recommend you cleaning Static / Dynamic discovery and re-adding target portals from scratch. On the Targets tab, select the target you discovered, and then click Log on or Connect. Can contain status. The purpose of the iSCSI Discovery Library API is to provide low overhead support for small iSCSI setups, and scalable discovery solutions for large enterprise setups. Open the iSCSI Initiator Properties dialog box: On the Discovery tab, click Discover Portal or Add Portal, and then enter the IP address of the iSCSI target port. conf. 8. This guide provides commands and configuration options to setup an iSCSI initiator (or Client). Diretly Plug Qnap ethenrnet cable to your Laptop / Pc; Download Qnapfinder and check if Qnapfinder could find Qnap on network. Copy iSCSI Name and save it as text document to re-create. 1. The target node sends the list of all available targets and portals to the Dynamic Discovery Also known as Send Targets discovery. yum -y install iscsi-initiator-utils  2013년 11월 10일 Linux 에서 iSCSI 프로토콜을 이용하여 iSCSI Disk volume 마운트 [[email protected] TEST02 ~]# iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p 192. May 23, 2019 · iSCSI stands for Internet Small Computer Systems Interface. 9. a. Since yesterday evening around 19:00 no further events were recorded, so perhaps it just needed an expanded period of time to run into a timeout. iSCSI storage connections. The supported methods for discovering iSCSI target portals are: Send Targets; Internet storage name  Enable the sendtargets discovery method. Steps. Discover the target portals: # iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p 192. The module in iscsi_tcp is shipped in Debian's standard kernel since etch. Install the software. As a first new feature in this focus area, we scan the ISCSI initiators, targets and sessions. Feb 18, 2021 · -name: Perform a discovery on sun. The iscsiadm utility is a command-line tool allowing discovery and login to iSCSI targets, as well as access and management of the open-iscsi database. 5, enter: # iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p 192. You manually configure each data storage device, and then manually configure all your iSCSI initiators to connect. This file contains iSCSI settings used by iscsid and iscsiadm. specified iSCSI server, the initiator sends the Send Targets request to the server. In this case, absolutely no discovery is needed; the user did it already. As previous we have completed the scenario of installing iSCSI SAN Storage, refer the below link. type  Run a discovery script to discover the iSCSI target host. It enables block-level SCSI data transport between the iSCSI initiator and the storage target over TCP/IP networks. 0) and IPv6 (listen [::]) addresses on the default port of 3260. 101 192. Thecus NAS and click OK to proceed. iSCSI Discovery Discovery is the process that makes the targets known to an initiator. iSNS is effectively like DNS for network storage devices. NOP-in SCSI Response. 31 with default port 3260. iSNS The iSCSI Discovery Library API allows initiators to locate any accessible target devices as well as the associated addresses with a minimal amount of required configurations. 15- Select iSCSI software adapter, under dynamic discovery, click the + add the button to add storage target iSCSI server. To list the discovered targets see, Displaying iSCSI  Use the iscsiadm command to start the iSCSI discovery. If your storage server IP address is 192. The Open-iSCSI user space consists of a daemon process called iscsid, and a management utility iscsiadm. For Windows Server 2012 and later: The following setup instructions are based on Microsoft’s iSCSI Initiator. The purpose of the iSCSI login is to enable a TCP  7 Nov 2016 Understand how vSphere 6 ESXi hosts discover the available LUNs on an iSCSI storage array. names and IP addresses of these targets appear on the Static Discovery tab. discover — tells the iscsid service to perform a discovery. iSCSI equipment that needs discovery functions beyond SendTargets SHOULD implement iSNS (see ) for extended discovery management capabilities and interoperability. exe is developed by Microsoft Corporation. To set up iSCSI at the host level, install the package iscsi-initiator-utils and start the iscsi service. portal — tells the iscsiadm the IP address and port to address so as to perform discovery. d/iscsi restart Apr 10, 2018 · The Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator v2. open_iscsi: show_nodes: yes discover: yes ip: 10. 1: iSCSI Initiator Properties > Discovery > Target portals > showing Default Adapter being used We get the Event ID 133 Warning every 30 minutes, which is when SCVMM’s System Center Virtual Machine Manager Agent sends a refresh to the host, which triggers the two Hardware iSCSI Adapters to try a discover via SendTargets and they fail. This command also starts the iscsid daemon if needed. 2012iscsi_04. R2T. Oct 10, 2011 · Static/Dynamic Discovery:iSCSI uses a method of discovery where the iSCSI initiator can query an iSCSI target for the available LUNs. ) Microsoft iSCSI Initiatior Targets This name will be discovered by the iSCSI initiator, and use for the connection. Multiple iSCSI initiators can be pointed to one iSCSI Target. iSCSI differs from Ethernet because as a block  FCoE가 등장하면서 FC vs. See full list on thomas-krenn. c. sendtargets. Also known as SendTargets discovery. This file is part of Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. com Initiator (package open-iscsi). 10 node. In diskpart it shows the disk and the partition, but no volume. The simplest way to do this is to use dynamic discovery. 1 Kernel configuration  This chapter describes the SCSI LUN discovery feature provided in switches in the A configured load metric of this iSCSI initiator for the purpose of iSCSI. The /etc/iscsi/iscsid. The following steps tell you how to configure the ESXi iSCSI software adapter to discover iSCSI targets on the array. If you are using Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Vista, the Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator sendtargets is one of the dynamic target discovery methods. Discover. Symptom When an user tried to use iSCSI mount on a Data Protection for VMware Environment, the user will do the following procedure. Discover available targets from a discovery portal: iscsiadm -m discovery  An initiator functions as an iSCSI client. Discover Target  Requirements. 1) Discovering iSCSI Targets. 04. 52. The odd thing is such issues can be usually fixed by restarting the ESXi host which didn't help in your case. 패키지 설치. Opensuse # zypper install open-iscsi Discovering targets in iSCSI server: [[email protected] ~]# iscsiadm --mode discovery -t sendtargets --portal 192. If the package is not installed on your system, install it using yum. Automatic Discovery of iSCSI Initiator/Targets using iSNS The Internet Storage Name Server (iSNS) protocol is used for interaction between iSNS servers and. d625a0d9cb77 Part . Assigned Discovery B. 141 192. (one for each of the 2 iscsis targets) The 0x00002af9 is related to a HOST_NOT_FOUND error, but makes no sense, beucase DNS is OK and i´ve tried hosts file too. iSCSI clients each have a unique  yum -y install iscsi-initiator-utils service iscsid start service iscsi start. conf file also contains examples on proper configuration syntax. The wrong IQN for the initiator was assigned when the target was created. conf to create two types of records: sendtargets is one of the dynamic target discovery methods. can also use iSNS (the Internet Storage Name Service) for discovery instead of contacting a specific portal. Open iSCSI Initiator on PC and verify "Allowed initiator (IQN)" in the "Configuration" tab. The following example uses the SendTargets discovery method to discover targets on IP address 192. Go to Configuration>Select iSCSI software adopter>click on properties. computingforgeeks. auth. Each time the initiator contacts a. 12. You just need to supply one IP address of an iSCSI port on the array and all of the ports will automatically be configured on the software iSCSi adapter. 168  The details for the initiator appear, including the model, IP address, iSCSI name, discovery methods, iSCSI alias, and any discovered targets. conf . # iscsiadm -m discovery -t  23 Apr 2017 More and more storage solutions are starting to consider Ethernet LANs for storage connectivity (over iSCSI) instead of dedicated Fiber  28 Jun 2019 Click the Quick Connect button, and the iSCSI Initiator should discover your iSCSI target. During target discovery, the iscsiadm tool uses the settings in /etc/iscsi/iscsid. Administrative Tools > iSCSI Initiator > Discovery > Advanced Enter inbound values when adding a target portal. ISCSI Becomes Unreachable. net Discovery collects information on Direct Attached Storage (DAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN), and Network Attached Storage (NAS). After all is set, it is time to confirm if the iSCSI initiator can discover our installed iSCSI Target. Sep 11, 2012 · Fig. Next step is to add iSCSI Portal properly configured: Open Iscsi Initiator Properties-  27 Jun 2018 Next go back to the Targets tab and click on Refresh and you should get the target IQN showing up under Discovered targets. The output will appear in the following format: target_IP:port,target_portal_group_tag proper_target_name. If The iscsicli. Log 2017년 8월 18일 이번 포스팅에서는 리눅스 (CentOS 7 기준) iSCSI Initiator 설정 방법에 대해 알아 보겠습니다. [ 6 ] The target_IP and port variables refer to the IP address and port combination of a target/portal, respectively. 2006-01. el6 discovery. Ensure that you use the same user names and passwords that you used when you set up CHAP on the storage system with the iscsi security command. Static Discovery D. die. Feb 21, 2018 · iSCSI stands for Internet Small Computer Systems Interface, IP-based storage, works on top of internet protocol by carrying SCSI commands over IP network. session. This page allows you to specify the initiators which can access the virtual disk, by allowing the Target to be discovered by defined list of initiators. User space contains the entire control plane: configuration manager, iSCSI Discovery, Login and Logout processing, connection-level error processing, Nop-In and Nop-Out handling, etc. 1. Aug 18, 2018 · When iscsiadm is operating on discovery mode, three arguments are passed: sendtargets type — specifies how to find the targets. Select Configure > Select Storage Adapters > Select ISCSI Software Adapter. 4. Although [ RFC3721 ] implies an SLP ([ RFC2608 ]) implementation requirement, SLP has not been widely implemented or deployed for use with iSCSI in practice. Async Event You can configure iscsid to discover the iSCSI target and to log in to the iSCSI target automatically. From the iSCSI initiator property sheet, click the "Discovery" tab and click Discover Portal. [[email protected] ~]# iscsiadm -m discovery --type  iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p target_IP:port. By admin Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) is an Internet Protocol (IP)–based storage standard that connects iSCSI initiators to iSCSI targets over IP networks. The last configuration option includes a quick adapter rescan of the iSCSI targets. Enter the following command to discover the iSCSI target: iscsiadm -- mode discovery --op update --type sendtargets --portal targetIP. 3 and show available target nodes community. Jul 22, 2018 · Dear JDisc friends, we are constantly improving the discovery. Thankfully, the Internet Storage Name Service […] Nov 19, 2019 · Step 4: Test iSCSI Target discovery. 184 172. Install the software package. So you'll just have to install open-iscsi, configure 6 lines in /etc/iscsi/iscsid. For more information on configuring iSCSI target discovery, refer to the man pages of iscsiadm and iscsid. This is a simple discovery method to configure an iSCSI initiator to connect to all the targets on a particular storage device. The issue seems to have resolved itself, though. #node. 184:3260,1 iqn. Set the Flatcar Container Linux iSCSI initiator name. The only option that I have available is to Delete Volume. Test Configuration. authmethod = CHAP. discovery The next step is the add the iSCSI target ports on the FlashArray to the software iSCSI adapter. Target to Initiator. If using a bi-directional (mutual) connection, use the General > Secret area in the iSCSI Initiator Properties dialog to specify a value. The default iSCSI configuration file is /etc/iscsi/iscsid. When you enter the iscsiadm command, the host discovers the target specified by the targetip variable. During target discovery, the iscsiadm tool  iSCSI initiator : 192. 16- Type the IP address of your iSCSI server and then click ok. I added the new IP of my iSCSI server in the Dynamic Discovery tab, and all of the proper disks showed up immediately in the Static Discovery tab, but I can't actually attach any of them or add them to Storage. Also there aren't any values in the Discovery key or its subkeys. The first is SLP - service locator protocol. com. While it is supported, it is not recommended. 28 Dec 2016 Resolution. com and show available target nodes community. This page focus on the open-iscsi. SCSI Task Mgmt Rsp Login Response Text Response SCSI data-in . 21으로 sendtargets discovery 방식을 통해서 target을 등록 해보 겠습니다. Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install open-iscsi. Click here for the detailed tutorial and video . Select the "Discovered target" vol and press the Connect button. Each time the initiator contacts a specified iSCSI server, the initiator sends the SendTargets request to the server. Iscsicli. 1 Discovery Address: iscsi connection( OID ) login failed - Miscellaneous iSCSI initiator errors. 100. The default port   4 Sep 2001 This means that rather than specifying the target "iscsi" in the login request, the initiator would instead specify: SessionType=Discovery That's it. On the iSCSI Initiator Properties page, click on Discovery, enter the IP address of We all agree that iSCSI is extremely flexible and useful, but a big pain point in enterprises these days is the management of iSCSI devices. 17- Select the rescan storage tab. [[email protected]  initiator# iscsiadm list discovery-address -v 10. May 26, 2016 · If your attempt to discover an iSCSI target fails, it is usually for one of the following reasons: The wrong target portal IP address or DNS name was configured on the initiator. To launch the iSCSI initiator in Windows 7, please go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools. Try to login Qnap. You need to configure the iSCSI initiator to discover the iSCSI target so that the ESXi host can access LUNs on the target. For  8 Mar 2018 This guide will walk through a basic setup involving a simple iSCSI server (target) and client (initiator) both running Debian 9 (Stretch). Aug 28, 2017 · iSCSI port binding, binds an iSCSI initiator interface on a ESXi host to a vmknic and configures accordingly to allow multipathing in a situation where both vmknics are residing in the same subnet. 3. 17. 2. iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p <ISCSI-SERVER-IP-ADDRESS>:<Port_Number>. 52, CentOS 6 minimal. iSCSI supports encrypting the network packets, and decrypts upon arrival at If required, you can also delete the targets from the ISCSI discovery database entirely. iSCSI is a transport layer protocol that works on top of the Transport Control Protocol (TCP). Storage can be located on specialized devices, such as Storage Arrays, Fibre Channel Switches, iSCSI disks, or on host operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Digest Additional CRC added to the iSCSI message in order to guarantee it arrived without corruption. Oct 09, 2020 · To install iSCSI Target Server role in windows server 2016, run the PowerShell as administrator : Check if the role exist already by running this command : Get-WindowsFeature FS-iSCSITarget-Server … Jun 17, 2018 · On a Data Protection for VMware Environment environment, iSCSI Software Initiator may fail to connect to iSCSI Target portal, and then Event ID 1, 70, or 133 may be logged in the system log. Logout Command. The server responds by supplying a list of available targets to the initiator. Then select General tab and click on Configure. Static discovery involves a manual configuration, whereas dynamic discovery issues an iSCSI-standard SendTargets command to one of the iSCSI targets on the array. 2. node. IBM developed iSCSI as a proof of concept in 1998 and presented the first draft of the iSCSI standard to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in 2000. Cause:. You might find some of them helpful. Ubuntu: BEGIN RECORD 6. iSCSI target(쉽게 iSCSI 서버) iSCSI target은 네트워크에 연결된 저장장치로, 보통 iscsi 소프트웨어로 구성된  You can use two methods to discover iSCSI target portals. discovery. In my previous article, we  iscsiadm --mode discovery --portal target_ip --type sendtargets about nodes and target will be saved on your initiator. ESXi supports Static Discovery and Dynamic discovery as the iSCSI target-discovery methods. Note: It is assumed that you already have an iSCSI target on your local network and have the appropriate rights to connect to it. iSCSI target discovery An iSCSI target is a logical target-side device that hosts iSCSI LUNs and masks to specific iSCSI initiators. That provides detailed information about which servers uses what ISCSI target on what… yum -y install iscsi-initiator-utils service iscsid start service iscsi start. b. 56. Once it is, one usually will see the IQN of the iSCSI target listed on the Targets tab with an inactive connetion. Configuration. To solve this, first remove wrong discovery portal. 08 is an official application for Windows hosts and enables connections from them to an external iSCSI storage array through Ethernet network adapters. Oct 30, 2007 · Now use iscsiadm command, which is a command-line tool allowing discovery and login to iSCSI targets, as well as access and management of the open-iscsi database. # iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p 172. Need to recover data stored on an iSCSI LUN? iSCSI recovery is simple with ReclaiMe File Recovery software. As the part Software iSCSI configuration, We’ve already created a VMkernel port and dedicated that for iSCSI and now we can use the same to configure network port binding. Logout Response Ready to transfer. The. 168. 0-873. iSCSI Initiator Properties(iSCSI 이니시에이터 속성) 대화 상자에서 Discovery(검색 ) 탭을 선택한 다음, Discover Portal(포털 검색)을 선택합니다. Enter the host name into the configuration, select the operating system, and select “Next”. 141:3260,1 iqn. CLI access to hosts. general. authmethod = CHAP # To set a CHAP username and password for initiator # authentication by  2018년 3월 19일 iscsi target 10. From the VMware vSphere Web Client, select the Host and Cluster view. At that point from that populated list you can login and connect that server to that EQL volume. iSCSI transports block-level data between an iSCSI initiator on a client machine and an iSCSI target on a storage device (server). 45. 10. InfiniBox supports ERL0. 3 Mar 2015 Much of this information comes thanks to this very helpful website. In normal circumstances, if you have multiple vmkernels on the same subnet, the ESXi host would simply choose one and not use both. Reminder: The initiator is the "client". 2019-11. There are problems with network connectivity between the initiator and target computers. . Automatic Discovery C. To enable an iSCSI initiator to use the sendtargets discovery method, you must specify the IP address and port number of the iSCSI target node. NOTE You can  Tools. # yum install iscsi-initiator-utils. There has to be a better way. microsoft:stg-rjo-001-isci-target-rm-teste-xp 0003260 ROOT\ISCSIPRT\0000_0. The discovery-auth-group no-authentication entry indicates that any initiator is allowed to perform iSCSI target discovery without authentication. Oct 14, 2016 · I have a NAS that I can no longer access the data for within Windows. SCSI data-out . As you can see in Figure 3, however, the target is  Configure the custom initiator iSCSI Qualified Name (IQN) if the iSCSI targets are restricted to certain  In fact iSCSI embraces a family of protocols; it uses Ethernet and TCP/IP as its underlying There are two types of iSCSI network entity: initiator and target. How to Build your Own Secure Storage Using iSCSI SAN Storage. Quickstart. Is routed iSCSI supported with the FlashArray? Yes, the Pure Storage FlashArray supports iSCSI routing. See full list on linux. Qnap ISCSI Problems & How to Fix. When you add in the iSCSI Group IP address, the iSCSI "Discovery" process which is what failed here will create a list of available iSCSI targets to the initiator. Since moving to vSphere 5, I'm having more problems than in the past with iSCSI LUNs. Output Data for Writes. Automatic iSCSI target discovery and login (persistent across subsequent reboots) Automatic iSCSI target discovery and login (persistent across This command adds a new iSCSI target portal named testIscsi to perform discovery. Go into iSCSI adapter settings and disable the iSCSI adapter. username = username Nov 27, 2018 · Copy IQN/Data settings for iSCSI config to a text document as will need to re-create. Here's some Equallogic training videos. com – Used in iSCSI Discovery. ) A. Lines three and four configure ctld (8) to listen on all IPv4 (listen 0. In Red Hat Enterprise  Discover the iSCSI targets on a specific host (the QNAP NAS in this example), for example, 10. com-name: Perform a discovery on 10. 1 Installation. discovery_address = 10. Back to the naming & discovery requirements, and ignoring the specific discovery protocols used, an initiator may be configured with target information in a number of ways: - The iSCSI target name and each of its addresses. It’s a system and hidden file. ErrrorRecoveryLevel (ERL) Defines how the Initiator and target recover from errors. com:geekstarget1 Storage> iscsi discovery list To rediscover an iSCSI discovery address To rediscover an iSCSI discovery address, enter the following: Storage> iscsi discovery rediscover discovery-address where: The target address at which an initiator can request a list of targets using a SendTargets text request as specified in iSCSI protocol This article is a best practice on setting the iSCSI Service (open-iscsi) to start automatically in XenServer. Open-iscsi does not use the term node as defined by the iSCSI RFC, where a node is a single iSCSI initiator or target. Right now, one of our focus areas is to improve the discovery in the storage area. Contents. 12 Jun 2017 The group of TCP connections that link an initiator with a target form an iSCSI session. openfiler:tsn. iSCSI 화재가 재발되었습니다. This will guide the user to a screen to select iSCSI initiators. Note, one may need to refresh the list, and I have seen the list take a few minutes to update on two occasions (less than 5 minute delay. 137. - The iSCSI target name and one of its addresses. This is a service discovery protocol that has been around in the IP world for a little while. The names and IP addresses of these targets appear on the Static Discovery tab. Finally, one kool thing you can do, especially if your using iSCSI as Ubuntu Server can be configured as both: iSCSI initiator and iSCSI target. 1 Connecting iSCSI target with Windows iSCSI initiator 1. Run the command below, replacing the IP with the IP of your iSCSI target server. After the iSCSI initiator on the host has discovered the MD3000i, go to the “Configure” tab on the MDSM and select “Configure Host Access - Manual”. It connects via the iSCSI Initiator successfully, but I am unable to mount the drive or access any functions within Disk Management. authmethod Note: The user name and password must match for both session and discovery on the host. conf: discovery.